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This stunning golden cuphea is compact in nature and will make an outstanding addition to every garden. Ideal in mass plantings, or as a border plant which can easily be shaped to form an excellent low hedge.

Plant in a bright sunny position, in moist well drained soil. For best results, water regularly and fertilise using a complete fertiliser. Light pruning will also encourage flushes of radiant new growth.

Originally priced at AU$16.99 per pot, they were marked down to just over AU$4+ per pot.

We grabbed all that were available at the time ie 18 pots altogether.

These were purchased from Flower Power.

Its leaves are a light green lemony colour, thus the name Lemon Squash. It gives a nice contrast to the green lawn.

After about a year, they grow up to about 30cm (1 foot) and makes good hedges along the fence.

Close up of the tiny light purple flowers that grows all over. This Cuphea Lemon Squash attracts many bees in the warmer months, so be careful. It also produces many seedlings - they just sprout everywhere underneath the plants, sometimes even onto the lawn.

The seedlings are easy to grow, just plant them onto pots or ground.

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